27 February of 2014

Welcome to the Coworking Concept

by Carina Bohlender & Manon Eekelder


You would like to work as a freelancer or start up your own business, but an isolated working environment is not your thing? Then using a coworking space could be a smart solution for you.

The term coworking was coined in the beginning of the 21th century by a young computer programmer named Brad Neuberg who faced the following contradiction: “It seemed I could either have a job, which would give me structure and community or I could be freelance and have freedom and independence. Couldn’t I have both?” Well, it turned out that he could have both. In 2005, he rented a space in San Francisco to realize his personal ideal of a coworking environment – a space where people could combine independent work with an opportunity of socializing and networking.

In the years that followed, the concept of coworking became popular in many parts of the world, especially in North America and Europe. According to Deskmag, the leading E-Magazine on coworking, in 2013 there were a total of 2.500 coworking spaces worldwide, with 110.000 people using this concept. That illustrates an increase of 83 percent in comparison to the previous year. Due to the emerging start-up scene and the growing importance of networking in the media business, we should keep a close eye on this future-leading working concept and ask ourselves: what can a coworking space offer us? Us, the future young professionals, who might choose our own path in the professional life.

For you, we tracked down the coworking spaces located in Oslo, Amsterdam, Istanbul and Stuttgart – the homebases of the swap-team.

One of our reporters paid some special attention to the norwegian location and went there to get a real experience of a collaborative workspace. Here you can see her first day as a coworker at MESH in Oslo: GETTING MESHED: My Coworking Experience.


Header picture by: madrideducacion.es /edited

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Tech is the new black

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