Photos taken by Emre Kurt & Justine Slawik

17th of February 2014, Oslo, Norway. It is the beginning of an online magazine called Swap Magazine. Before the concept and the name were settled, 24 students from Norway, Turkey, Germany and the Netherlands came together. During two weeks they worked on an intensive programme named Youth on the Move which is funded by the European Commission. The theme of Youth on the Move 2014 is media innovation across borders.

In a short amount of time, ideas were brought to life through an actual website. Swap Magazine is created by and made for ambitious students that care about innovations around the world. They do not only see what’s happening out there, but they also want to participate. Always going after new experiences, they are too creators of Swap Magazine.

The Editorial Board
Nina Høie, Lisa Langenkamp, Abidin Önder Öndes and Justine Slawik

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